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I’ve Found the Suit!

Here’s a website selling various bearsuits modeled after the Workaholics suits. The cheapest is $250 and they range all the way up to $500. You can even get a polar bear edition for $300. Heres the link.



Am I crazy or are the Democrats not only ruining our government but they are now corrupting our youth. They are marketing their foolish ways to our children as the party of the future. This Obama just keeps raising our taxes and telling us that we have to if we want to get out of our debt that we have to suck our citizens dry of money. I say that in 2012 we vote him out in a landslide, but I don’t need to tell you that. Any person with half a brain could see he’s ruining our country, but Democrats now have doctors convinced to say kids have this thing called ADHD. They do this so that they can drug the kids and stop them from learning the real way to live. When kids are on drugs they can be taught to think like the Democrats want them to. I’m not saying that I know every thing, but I am saying that the Democrats are killing this country and tricking our children.

New Season

First I would like to thank comedy central for just blessing us all by giving Workaholics a second season. So far the second season has been all I could have hoped for, and just an amazing thing to watch. This has to be the best show on television right now, and to all those who’ve stumbled upon this blog, “WATCH THIS SHOW!” You will not be disappointed. Sadly, after months of searching I think it is time to end the epic search for the bear suit. I wish I could have found one, but sadly I don’t think it was meant to be. Perhaps it is for the best that there is only one suit, for that way it won’t become commonplace and lose what made the jacket so very dear to us from the beginning. The splendor of this jacket could not be reproduced by anyone I fear, so I now unofficially change this blog to simply about Workaholics, and no longer for the search. Enjoy the show everyone, leaving comments is appriciated, and thank you for all assistance in this futile search. I now end by saying that this show has changed my life for the better in so many ways. God bless the Brothers McMuffins!

Bear Suit

The real reason I went out and made this website was to find out more about the Workaholics Bear Suit. It has been somewhat of an obsession of my colleagues to find and purchase one. This jacket is a must have for me, and I must admit I am dying to get my hands on one of these suits. I don’t care if you mearly know where I can purchase one of these suits, if you have one posted on eBay, or if you’ve made your own. I must say if it is the last then I will have to see some pictures to make sure it is an accurate representation of the original Grizzely Jacket. I beg you to comment if you know anything about the Bear Jacket, thank you to all readers. Spread your workaholics love.

     As my first post I would just like to thank Comedy Central for having this show on their station. It is an incrediable show that I simply love. I have watched all four episode that have come out already and are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the fifth. The show is very creative and surprisingly original. I can’t stress enough how badly you need to watch this show. If it does not get another season it would be such a shame. This show is must see. A+++

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