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Bear Suit

The real reason I went out and made this website was to find out more about the Workaholics Bear Suit. It has been somewhat of an obsession of my colleagues to find and purchase one. This jacket is a must have for me, and I must admit I am dying to get my hands on one of these suits. I don’t care if you mearly know where I can purchase one of these suits, if you have one posted on eBay, or if you’ve made your own. I must say if it is the last then I will have to see some pictures to make sure it is an accurate representation of the original Grizzely Jacket. I beg you to comment if you know anything about the Bear Jacket, thank you to all readers. Spread your workaholics love.


Comments on: "Bear Suit" (10)

  1. Blake did an interview April 26th

    Q: Blake, Where can I get my hands on a bear coat like that?

    Blake: Everybody’s asking me that, honestly there’s only one in existence. I guess you gotta skin a bear and make your own.

  2. have you found it yet??

  3. spencer said:

    That’s awesome that you made an entire website dedicated to finding that fucking epic jacket

  4. i too am looking for the same thing you are. It feels like i am looking for the Shwartz!!!

  5. i want one. do you know where to find?

  6. i want one so bad 😦 id pay $500 for this shit

  7. well in his interview he says that he had it custom made, why dont you try to get ahold of some custom fur making shops, i found this one (http://www.peterpalms.com/makeyourownfurcoat/index.html) they accept paypal i dont know if this website is trustworthy i just googled diff places. you can call diff places and see what they say, they might want a picture.

  8. Anthony Barberis said:

    They have some made up story about Halloween, but they’re making it.

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